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Botanica is another nature-inspired pattern, and in fact, it was my original design from which The Enchanted Garden design came. I’m always conscious of crocheters' needs, and I know that crocheters always prefer patterns that can be placed in different orders or even used within other patterns.

However, I kept coming back to this pattern, which, as you can see, is more intertwined and fully symmetrical. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to go for it. There were a few tweaks along the way, but I do love my final design, and it’s a real joy to make.

This pattern is beginner-friendly as usual – simple repeats and no special stitches.

Five PDFs are available:


  • Normal Overlay Mosaic Crochet in US terms

  • Normal Overlay Mosaic Crochet in UK terms

  • Mosaic Tapestry Crochet in US Terms

  • Mosaic Tapestry Crochet in UK Terms

  • A bonus PDF details 12 example colourways you could use in Stylecraft Special DK. 


The Pattern PDF includes 5 easy-to-read charts (with X’s for DCs) for each pattern and corresponding written instructions.

Within the Mosaic Tapestry Crochet pattern, you will see that I have designed my charts and written instructions for this mosaic tapestry version to simplify the technique for you, indicating precisely when to change colours.

An explanation and sample mosaic tapestry chart can be found here

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