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Twas the night before Christmas


This is worked in the normal overlay mosaic row-by-row technique. 

This is just a chart - which is Knit Companion compatible if that's how you like to work. Please note that there are no written instructions for this pattern. I just haven't had the time, I'm afraid. 

This pattern is free to download as a wee Christmas present to all my lovely customers.

You can use it as a wall-hanging, cushion or whatever you fancy.

I made this pattern using my free small alphabet – if you want to create your own wording, you can download the alphabet for free from Ravelry -

Since this is a free pattern, I haven’t given any yarn stats or measurements. It’s not that big though, so dig about in your stash and see what you’ve got.

As you know, this pattern is completely free, but if you would like to donate a few pennies to my yarn fund, you can do so with the PayPal button at the top of the page. Of course, you don't have to, and I won't be irked if you don't.


Just remember to share the photos of your finished items so I can see what you've made.

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