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How to read the written instructions

  • BS - Border Stitch – Single Crochet through both loops
  • SC - Single Crochet in back loop of the stitch in the current row 
  • DC - Double Crochet front loop of the stitch two rows below 
The table of written instructions for each pattern tells you which row you’re on and which colour to use on that row.

In the example below, row 1 is highlighted in white; therefore, you are crocheting the whole row in colour A.

Row 2 is highlighted in green; therefore, you are crocheting the whole row in colour B.

Once you have finished a row, you can use the checkbox to tick it off. So you remember which row you are currently working.
Example of mosaic crochet written instructions

In the written instructions for this pattern, you first create the beginning border stitch (shown in black). 

Then you work the stitches between the red asterisks in order and repeat as required. 


Once you have worked all the repeats, you work the final border stitch (shown in black)

BS. *SC, 15DC, SC, 15DC* BS.

First Border Stitch

All stitches between the red asterisk * are your repeat. Work the stitches in order, then repeat as required.

Final Border Stitch

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