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Mosaic Crochet Rules​

​The following instructions are all using US terms.
  • Every row is worked with ONE colour.
  • Every stitch has one stitch worked into it, so in the written instructions, if you see 5DC, 2SC, you work one DC into the next five stitches, then one SC into the next two stitches.
  • Fasten and snip the yarn after each row.
  • Always work on the front side only – mosaic crochet does not require you to turn your work. Start the next row from the right-hand side on every row.
  • BS means border stitch. This is a SC through BOTH loops.
  • A blank box means you will work a SC in the BACK LOOP of the stitch in the row below.
  • A box with an X means you will work a DC in the FRONT LOOP of the stitch two rows below.
  • Charts are read from right to left (if you are lefthanded, you can read them from left to right - unless there is lettering and numbers within the pattern)
  • Written instructions are read from left to right.
  • Any long rows of DCs will result in a flap on the back. This is totally normal, so don’t panic thinking you’re doing something wrong. There are ways you can anchor the DCs so you don’t have the flap.
  • The back of your blanket will have a striped effect. Again, this is totally normal. There is a way you can make it reversible, and there are various videos on YouTube explaining the reversible/negative stitch.

Please feel free to download these guides to print out at home

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