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What is Overlay Mosaic Crochet?

What is Overlay Mosaic

Overlay Mosaic Crochet is a technique where you use one colour per row, snipping the yarn at the end of every row.

It is called Overlay because all stitches, unless otherwise stated, are worked into the back loop only, leaving the front loop open so you can overlay stitches from previous rows, into that front loop - thus creating the pattern.

You always work on the right side facing you, never turning your work. 

This technique does create a lot of ends, and I'm not sure there are many people in the world who enjoy actually weaving in the ends but worry not. There is a double (sometimes called an envelope) border that is created to hide all the ends safely inside. This double border also frames your project nicely and gives it a great deal of stability.


Please feel free to download these guides to print out at home

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