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Daunder is a soft and warm beanie hat created using the overlay mosaic crochet (in the round) technique.

The Scottish word “daunder” is a lovely term that means to take a leisurely stroll or a gentle walk, often with no destination in mind. It encapsulates the idea of meandering aimlessly, enjoying the surroundings, and appreciating life’s simple pleasures. A “daunder” allows one to slow down, observe the world, and find beauty in the little things.

This beanie has no ribbing, as I wanted the pattern to be the star of the show. It is worked from the bottom up using the mosaic crochet technique and then shaped to the top of the hat using ‘in the round’ double crochet decreases. It is designed to be a snug fit – wear it for hill walking, skiing, or just heading down to the pub!  It’ll keep you cosy wherever you daunder!

As always, I have tried to make my pattern as easy as possible to follow, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to make your own Daunder hat. You can stop halfway if you prefer a headband to a hat – I’ll tell you in the instructions when you stop.

As a bonus, I have also designed a matching cowl – the details of which can be found in the PDFs.

The PDFs detail the full yarn stats/sizes for the hats and cowl you see in the photos - in both DK and Aran.

Two PDFs are available: one using US terms and one using UK terms.

The PDF has easy-to-read charts (with Xs for DCs) for each pattern included and corresponding written instructions.

I hope you enjoy creating your own Daunder Beanie.

Please do share your creations online and tag #getyerhookon and #daundermosaic.

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