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Floral Reflections

The Floral Reflections Scarf is created using the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Inspired by the summer flowers in my garden, this unique scarf can be worn all year round, depending on the yarn and colours you choose. It is not just a scarf for winter.

You will need at least three colours to make the scarf, and for the reflection to show.

I created my scarf using Stylecraft Special DK, but you can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like – just remember that high-contrast colours work better for mosaic crochet.

If you would like to create a shorter or longer scarf, you can do so by adjusting the starting chain using the repeat calculations detailed within the pattern.

If you would like to create a thinner scarf, you can simply use a thinner yarn, such as 4ply, but increase your scarf length by adding repeats.

Additional photos courtesy of my wonderful testers: 

Joanne Ainslie, Jamie Storer and Janette Aldridge.​

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