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The inspiration for this design comes from one of my favourite films – Interstellar. If you’ve seen it, you may see how my pattern relates to the film – the stars in the background (since they travel through the universe to different worlds) with vertical lines (representing the lines of gravity).

Ok, so it’s completely geeky, but it makes a cool pattern 😊


My friend said to me she thought it looked like tweed too – which wasn’t the plan, but I see it now, and would look really good in soft tweedy colours, browns, creams and greens.

Interstellar is created using the overlay mosaic technique.

The PDF has 3 easy to read charts (with Xs for DCs) for each pattern included, and corresponding written instructions.

Two PDFs are available, one using US terms and one using UK erms.

The main verticals in colour B on the pattern are worked as FPDCs (Front post double crochet).

This gives the pattern a more 3D and textured effect, with the main star pattern peeking through the verticals.

You can of course swap out all the FPDCs for just normal DCs if you prefer. The choice is yours. However, the pattern charts and written instructions detail FPDCs throughout.

You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like for this pattern, just remember a tighter tension is better for mosaic crochet.

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