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Jura Celtic Knots

Being a proud Scot, it was inevitable that one day I’d start designing Celtic Knots.

I know not everyone wants to crochet in the round, so I decided to try to design some Celtic knots that are worked in the normal overlay row-by-row technique.

The way the pattern works, you can crochet any size and any shape you like – from one small square for a coaster, to a long scarf or wall hanging, or any sized blanket.

The PDF has 3 easy to read charts (with Xs for DCs) for each pattern included, and corresponding written instructions.

Two PDFs are available - one using US terms and one using UK terms.

You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like for this pattern, just remember a tighter tension is better for mosaic crochet.

You can of course create any size you want as it’s a simple repeating pattern.

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