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Nana's Dresser


This is Nana’s Dresser.

I had originally named it Gramma’s Dresser, after my own Grandmother; however, I have renamed it Nana’s Dresser in memory of the lovely Merry Gano. She was one of my amazingly talented testers, and she sadly passed away not long after finishing testing this pattern for me. She was determined to finish it, even though I kept telling her to leave it. Really, crocheting was the thing she loved the most, and not being able to do it while she was ill just wasn’t an option for her.

Merry went by the name Nana to her friends and family, and therefore, in her honour, I have renamed this Nana’s Dresser.


All profits from this pattern will be donated to Cancer Research in her memory. This isn’t for a certain period of time – this is for all time, and hopefully, we can raise a bit of money together.


Now this pattern is only for sale via Raverly, as Etsy is just too difficult to figure out how much has been earned via separate patterns, with all their stupid fees. So Raverly only I’m afraid.

Three PDFs are available - one using US terms, one using UK terms and a separate full chart PDF that is compatible with Knit Companion if that’s how you prefer to work. Otherwise, you can use the charts in the main PDF, either by printing them out and taping them together or viewing them on your mobile/tablet/laptop.

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