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Scandi Birds

I was asked to design a blanket for my friends Jane and Paul.


They love Scandinavian designs, and Jane also loves to feed the wild birds in her garden (as do I) so together we came up with Scandi Birds.

This pattern can be done as a blanket, or in the round, and as it is a simple repeating pattern, you can create any size project you like.

Scandi Birds is worked in the normal overlay mosaic row-by-row technique.

Two PDFs are available - one using US terms and one using UK terms.

The PDF has 8 easy-to-read charts and corresponding written instructions.

You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like for this pattern, just remember a tighter tension is better for mosaic crochet.

Photos courtesy of Amanda Openshaw, Brooke Albright, Jamie Storer, Merry Gano, Sherri Clark, Bob Walker, Helen Hayes, Maren Christina and Merri Purdy

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