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St. Kilda

Introducing St Kilda, an overlay mosaic crochet pattern designed and created in collaboration with the amazingly talented Lucia Dunn from Lucia’s Fig Tree - 

St Kilda, an archipelago and UNESCO World Heritage Site located off the north coast of Scotland, is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

One of the most iconic and beloved creatures found in this region is the puffin, with its distinctive black and white markings and colourful beaks.

The rich and vibrant marine life surrounding St Kilda provides a wealth of inspiration for a mosaic crochet pattern.

From the delicate swirls of the ocean waves to the shimmering scales of fish, the ocean life around St Kilda provides a rich tapestry of colours and shapes that we have transformed into mosaic crochet design.

One of the most exciting aspects of the St Kilda pattern is the opportunity it presents for crocheters to embark on their own artistic adventure. The pattern showcases not one but two breathtaking colourways, each offering a distinct visual narrative.

As the designer, I have carefully crafted a colourway that reflects my artistic sensibilities, capturing a palette that resonates with my personal style. With blues and teals, I aimed to evoke a sense of the coast through a harmonious interplay of hues.

Lucia, on the other hand, brings her unique perspective to St Kilda with her own extraordinary colourway. Drawing inspiration from her creative journey, Lucia has woven a tapestry of colours that infuses the pattern with her signature touch.

By offering these two colourways, we aim to provide crocheters with a choice—an opportunity to select the palette that resonates most deeply with their own creative vision.

Whether you lean towards the warm earthy tones of Lucia’s colourway or the vibrant hues of mine, the beauty of St Kilda lies in the personalisation it allows.

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