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Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a lovely summer project incorporating strawberries, blossom and flowers and is created using the overlay mosaic technique. 

The idea came to me when ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ by The Beatles came on the radio. I found myself humming the tune all day and I couldn’t get it out my head.

You too will find yourself singing it now while making this project – sorry 😊

The PDF has 6 easy to read charts (with X’s for DCs) for each pattern included, and corresponding written instructions 

Two PDFs are available, one using US terms and one using UK terms.

You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like for this pattern, just remember a tighter tension is better for mosaic crochet.

You can of course create any size you want as it’s a simple repeating pattern.

Many thanks as always to my lovely tester Cindy Kondalski.

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