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The Enchanted Garden

I have a little secret woodland garden right at the bottom of my main garden. We let it grow whatever it wants, and throughout the year, all sorts appear - snowdrops, bluebells, ferns, thistles, mushrooms, daffodils. I’m positive fairies live there, and we love it.

I wanted to create a design that gives me the same secret garden feel of different flowers and plants.

The Enchanted Garden is crocheted in the normal overlay mosaic row-by-row technique.

The PDF has 11 easy-to-read charts and corresponding written instructions. The pattern also details the exact colour-way I used with the amount of yarn per colour and per pattern.

Two PDFs are available - one using US and UK terms.

You can use any yarn and corresponding hook you like for this pattern; remember, a tighter tension is better for mosaic crochet.

You can work any width or any height, but you will, of course, have to increase or decrease the number of patterns you use. 

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