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Trevor Turtle

Little Trevor the Turtle is created using the overlay mosaic technique.

He can be worked using any yarn and corresponding hook, but DK will create a 45 x 45cm square.

He needs at least two contrasting colours.

The PDF pattern contains charts to create four different designs:

  • Pattern one has a plain background.

  • Pattern two has a striped background.

  • Pattern three has a wavy background.

  • Pattern four has a diagonal wavy background.

Please note there are no written instructions for this pattern!

You can incorporate these patterns into cushions, table runners, wall hangings, blankets, wraps, shawls or anything else you can think of. Use one pattern or use them all.

These will look good in just two colours or multicoloured – be creative and enjoy :)

Photos courtesy of Janneke Zaat and Cindy Kondalski

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